Carolina with her happy healthy dogs, Danger and Baby Girl

I work with amazing caring Dog Lovers, like you, who love their dog’s like family and wish to have them by your side for as many tail-wagging days possible.

You know by giving your dog a healthy natural lifestyle like yours, their chances to live longer than expected increase with this kind of life. The only problem is you are not sure where or how to start this way of living for your precious dog. You worry about what is safe to feed your dog, what kind of chemicals to avoid in their dog products and you want to keep them fit but are not sure what kind of activity balance you need to achieve this for them.


Just like your own food, you like the idea of knowing what goes into your dog’s diet, but are not sure where to start.


As a team, we can work together to help you create a simple, healthy and happy life your dog will love to live in.


It’s easier than you’d think, you will feel very happy that you are doing your best to give your furry family member a healthy lifestyle, adding the right paw movement they need to stay fit, and treating them with yummy healthy foods.

I teach you how to kick-start this awesome natural lifestyle you desire for your precious dog by teaching you the fundamentals of creating a natural lifestyle for your dog – just like your own!

Trust me, I know all about the overwhelming feeling you have when looking up Dog Health Information, and the stressful feeling you might get, the more you read, the more confusing it gets.

Do you:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle yourself, and want your dog to have a matching nourishing lifestyle like yours?


  • Wonder how to start this amazing life for your furry love because you know the benefit to giving them a healthy natural lifestyle.


  • Worry about going to the store and not know what ingredients you want to avoid in your dog’s food, treats, toys or even their grooming products?


  • Want to feel confident on the decisions you’re making for your dog’s health?


  • Wish you could reduce as much processed dog products in your dog’s life, and have products that have the most natural ingredients possible.


  • Have a crazy busy life as it is to look up all the needed information to create this wonderful life for your dog, and just need someone to provide you what you need to make this happen.


  • Really have the time to search sites and site of dog health and wellness information to finally determine that your dog can’t eat raisins or any fruit pits?


I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be like this. I’m here to save you from this overwhelming nightmare.

Can you relate to any of those? Many Dog Lovers I have worked with have confessed they felt so guilty how long it took them to kickstarting this kind of life for their precious dogs.


They wish they would have acted sooner once they found out how easy and how beneficial studies have shown of dogs living a life full of natural nourishments. What makes this even better, I saved them 8 years of searching sites, magazines, reading articles and articles on providing a natural lifestyle for them.


Imagine if by just making one small change of adding more fruits or vegetables to their diets, how much this might change their lives. You might know what a big benefit it has been for you to cut out processed food from your life and adding more hearty foods, imagine what it could do for your furry family member?

dogs and owner

Remember YOU are the one person they adore, love, think the universe of and who they fully trust their lives with, with everything they do for us without asking anything in return, if you don’t make fully aware decisions for them, who will? You are the key to them having a long healthy life…

My One-on-One Mentoring Packages give you laser-focus weekly sessions full of dog care knowledge. I will bring to our calls the wisdom I have gained over the years plus any custom done-for-you research covering Health and Wellness topics related to your dog, working together to make this as fun and easy as possible. Bringing you the much-needed clarity you will need on Dog Health to create the lifestyle you envision for your pup. I will suggest how to incorporate all this information into their lives with super action items that we can apply to their lives instantly.

I will be your Super Support System through the whole process, with over ten years of professionally mastered research skills that I learned during my corporate days, you’re in good hands. I have made Dog Health and Wellness my expertise for the last 7+ years. I love practicing what I have learned over the years with my two furry doggy loves. And I’m eagerly looking forward to more Dog Care Education as my pups continue to live out their adult years and transition to their senior golden years.

I will be doing weekly accountability check-ins from our action items, and you will have unlimited email access to me during our time together. I will motivate and empower you to set goals and create healthy dog care habits for your furry sweetheart.

(My focus is more on Basic Dog Health, Wellness, & Fitness Topics, for Behavioral or Medical Information, which might require a visit, we suggest seeking a dog professional who focuses on addressing those concerns locally.)

If you have the desire to learn and strive to do your best for them, as a team we can accomplish many goals.

It takes daily action on your behalf to create a lasting change in their lives, and I know once you have the fundamental skills this will be a piece of cake for you.

The amazing news once you start to work with me, you will feel the confidence empowerment shift. The unburdened feeling you might have felt before will be part of the past. Knowing your journey will start to get easier as you gain the vital knowledge on Health and Wellness Dog Care topics that will help you during the decision-making process.

Trust me, this more than just an investment in attaining the beneficial skills and tools, it’s a life-changing experience. It goes way deeper than just learning information; it’s about you getting rid of any doubts you might have. It’s the peace of mind you did everything possible to help them live long happy healthy lives, and to achieve this feeling, I know it’s priceless when it comes to your furbaby’s life.

As a conscious caring Dog Lover of my two furry sweethearts, I would have loved to have someone like me years ago… Having someone with me on this up and down journey would have been less overwhelming and be full of fun time instead. But to know all I have done for them gives me the chance to see their adorable happy faces everyday for as many years as possible, to have the chance to watch them sleep a little more years than expected, to see their tails wag in excitement every morning, to get their wet kisses, or to feel their cold wet noses when they come inside on a cold day it is totally worth the dog health learning journey. I could go on and on, but as a Dog Lover yourself, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

I never want you to feel you’re alone on this exciting dog caring journey, I will be here waiting to help with any Health and Wellness topic you need help with in regards to your dog, your Super Dog Care Side-kick.


This is for you if you wish:

  • You had extra guidance and support on how to start giving your dog a healthy life.
  • A simple and fun way to learn the Dog Care information you need with action items and accountability.
  • Someone with killer research skills, who is crazy about dogs too, who could literally do the searching the Internet part you are dreading to start, and they have the “woof-tactic” skills to analyze and package the information into an easy-ready to apply process that can be used instantly.
  • To feel confident and fully trust your judgement when it comes to your precious dog’s life, knowing what is good vs. bad out there, not depending on someone who just got in-store training on the store products.
  • To give them such an unbelievably good dog life, if they had the option to return to this earth again, they wish to come back to you, because they loved you so much and the life you gave them was the best ever.


I’m ready to be on your team!

We will work together to understand what you need help with. I will do my best to support, motivate and hold you accountable to create and maintain the lifestyle you and your dog are wishing for. A few benefits you will have by working with me.

  • You will have more valuable time to spend with your pup, family and friends, no need to spend 8 years looking up dog information to learn what I can teach you in our calls.
  • You won’t need to spend over $40K over the years traveling to attend dog seminars, buying books and books on Dog Health, subscribing to many Dog magazines, taking online courses to learn about natural ways to help your dog’s life.
  • You will trust your Dog Care Knowledge, and know your efforts will help your dog be around for many tail-wagging days.
  • You will feel in total control when making decisions for their well being, creating great habits for them.
  • You will be more aware of the resources you can go check for on-going Dog Health Information learning.
  • You will be proactive with their preventative care to help them age gracefully.
  • You will be so eager to apply everything you learned during our sessions.

You have your dog’s lifestyle in your hands, they have absolute trust in you that you are doing your best to have them around for many more happy doggy years, and only you have the answer to this… I know you are beyond ready to hand off this task of looking up Dog Health Information to know how to give them this life you want for them.

Ready to sit back relax and let me do the heavy information gathering part so we can work together as a team during our call? 

A couple of Dog Health and Wellness Topics we can cover during our time together:

Grooming Basics Care: Coats, Nails, Paw Pads, Teeth

Preventative Care at any age

Dealing with Fleas

Dogs not eating food

Store Purchased or DYI Treats

Mental Care: The right toys for their life-stage

Basic Nutrition Knowledge

Inside and Outside Activities to help keep them moving

Relationship Trust Building

Getting them to be more active

Pet friendly Green Environment

Natural Essential Oils for home Dog remedies

Puppy Basics

How to build your own Canine First Aid Kit, and how to prepare for emergencies

Any many more topics…

What is Included in One-on-One Mentoring Packages with Carolina:

Best Value
  • VIP - Red Carpet Healthy Dog Lifestyle Package: 6 Weekly Sessions

  • $539

    • 1 Clarity & Strategy Weekly call, 50 minutes (Value $117 per call)
    • A Weekly Action Item Check-List
    • 6 weeks of High Priority Email Support
    • 6 Weekly Email Accountability check-ins
    • 6 Quick Follow-up call, 5 minutes or less to use during the time we work together.
    • Provide a Feedback Information Report on your Current Dog products (Value $50)
    • VIPP Top Priority Access to future TBDL Products (Value $ Priceless)
    • VIPP Extra Week Email Support Bonus After Completion (Value $45)
    • VIPP 2 Extra 5 minutes or less Bonus Call After Completion 
Most Popular
  • Your Dog's Healthy Lifestyle Prepping Package: 4 Weekly Sessions

  • $367

    • 1 Clarity & Strategy Weekly call, 50 minutes (Value $117 per call)
    • A Weekly Action Item Check-List
    • 4 Weeks of High Priority Email Support
    • 4 Weekly Email Accountability check-ins
    • 2 Quick Follow-up call, 5 minutes or less to use during the time we work together.
    • Provide a Feedback Information Report on your Current Dog products (Value $50)
Kickstart Sessions
  • Let's get our Healthy Dog Lifestyle Paws Wet Package: 2 Weekly Sessions

  • $189

    • 1 Clarity & Strategy Weekly Session, 50 minutes (Value $117 per call)
    • A Weekly Action Item Check-List
    • 2 Weeks of High Priority Email Support
    • 2 Weekly Email Accountability check-ins
    • 2 Quick Follow-up call, 5 minutes or less you can use within our 2 weeks together. 

So what is the next step?

1. Let’s see if we are a “Woof-tastic” Fit to work together? Schedule your 20-minute call which will include a brief intake form to collect a little Dog Health and Wellness Information so we can be on the same page during our pre-call. You can ask any questions you might have, and we can determine if we can be a great team together for your dog’s healthy happy life.

2. If we are a good fit, you will pick the best mentoring package from the 3 we have available, and we will discuss the payment step.

3. After payment is set up, you will get our “Tail-Wagging Welcome” email which will provide the details to set up a brief 15-minute call to discuss your topics, and what you want us to focus on during our time together. Once we are all set up with our Health and Wellness Dog Care topics, I will send you the link to set up your on-going sessions.

Quick Breakdown of Our weekly sessions:

  • Call will be 50 minutes, done virtually, via a phone call or Skype/Google Hangout, (at this time all clients outside the US we will have our call on Skype or Google Hangout) I will eagerly show up ready to cover our weekly topic, ensuring we have dedicated time to fully discuss the information on the topic, and we can work on the action items you can do with your dog.
  • Before we finish our session, we will make sure to have a couple of  Action Items for you to do, and I will send you the action list within 24 hours of our call.
  • In between our weekly sessions I will check-in on you to cheer you on and to hold you accountable on from our session, remember this is a 2 part process, I will do my part to gather all the information you need, you need to apply and practice what you are learning from our sessions, the more practice the sooner this will be a piece a cake.
  • You have High Priority Email Access to me M-F, or if you send in the email during the weekend, I will respond first thing Monday morning, I will do my absolute best to respond within 24 hours during the weekdays.
  • If you encounter a roadblock or have a quick follow up question after our weekly call, you can schedule a brief 5 minute or less call with me so I can help you.

I can’t wait for us to work together on creating the healthiest lifestyle possible for your precious furry doggy best friend.