Carolina with pups

Was getting your dog, not the walk in the park you had imagined?

Because I can relate, adopting my first dog, a Puggle named Danger, in 2007 was scary, overwhelming, and caused a couple of anxiety moments not knowing if I was providing the best for him. Below is a picture of his first night at the house, he was so proud and happy that night, just look how he is posing for the camera. Little that I know this picture would be the start to an unbelievable loving relationship with a Dog named Danger.

Puppy 10 weeks

You see, I had been searching for a small dog and visited the shelter week after week. I finally went to the shelter on Valentine’s Day Weekend, and there he was, a small black and white puppy, full of energy, barking for attention, we both agree it was “love at first wag” – AND my awesome luck, all of the puppies were a Valentine Special,  ½ price! Hot deal, right?

Sort of… I was very happy to be adopting my first dog, but at the same time I was scared as heck this was really happening, I was going to be responsible for his precious life.

As a young kid, I always knew I wanted a dog, but my parents did not allow us to have pets. I knew one day I would have my own, I couldn’t wait to get my first dog. But growing up, I saw many overweight dogs at the parks who could not be as active as they wanted to be, I saw several dogs get gum disease due to no dental hygiene, shorting their life span. Seeing all this when growing up, plus the love I had for my dog even before he was born, I knew I didn’t want any of this to happen to my dog.

Have you realized having a dog was a whole new adventure?

Do you ever wonder why do they eat the grass in the backyard? Do you know the importance of keeping up with the dog grooming? Do you know what to include in your Canine’s first aid box, and to add to all of the stress, did you have any accidents galore (You know what I’m talking about!)

In my case, I was worrying about what was causing his constant ear infections, I later found out the food I was giving him had wheat and fillers, which is not good for dogs. Trying to teach him that I was the Alpha Leader, was no piece of cake. All of these challenges led me to seek out every book, magazine, article, seminar…you name it…I was studying every publication known to man on how to care for a dog, and how to know what was good and bad for them, with so many resources out there I was getting overwhelmed on how to start.

I’ll be honest, I was probably two paw steps away from being parked on the well-known Dog Trainer, Cesar Millan’s lawn. Yep. Borderline stalker. He was my hero when I first started, a huge fan of his teachings.

Carolina and healthy pups

The Love & Passion that lead to the creation of

The Best Dog Life.

Prior to establishing The Best Dog Life, I had 10.5-years of experience studying industry trends for a major U.S. media research company as my corporate job, I mastered the skills to research, analyze and summarize the information in a friendly presentation format. I trained, educated and presented to our teams on the specialization I was responsible for all those years at my job. I was fortunate to be able to apply these awesome skills to learn everything I could in taking care of my pup. I knew I wouldn’t know what the best was unless I had the needed information to know the difference.

When I adopted Danger in 2007, I instantly fell in love with the puppy that he was, from the first night he was at home I could feel the human-animal bond being created between us two. As I watched him fall asleep that night, I remember a brief moment of anxiety, thinking, “Oh wow, this is more than adopting a dog, I’m responsible for his life, all decisions I make for him will impact his well-being.” I’m the kind of person who does not like to let anyone down, and just because Danger was a dog, didn’t mean any different, if anything it meant much more because he was defenseless, he had no one else in this world but me, and I was not going to let anything ever happen to him if I could control it.

With the skills I was learning, I began researching everything related to giving him a healthy living. I made it a mission to learn as much as possible about caring for dogs, I got into the habit of reading labels on everything I bought for him, I always made sure I had all my important questions to ask during our vet visits, when it came to hiring Dog Personnel for him I would have a checklist of questions to ask before I hired them to care for Danger. You name it I knew it, within time I ended up becoming the Dog Health and Wellness care go-to person, many would ask me if they were doing the right things with their dogs, or what else could they do to help their dogs have healthy lives.

I love the feeling of helping fellow Dog Lovers on creating the happy and healthy lifestyle they want for their pups, knowing they won’t have to go thru , the overwhelming hours and hours of site searching, book reading, Youtube video watching, printing articles and articles on Dog Care, or having to take time to attend seminars to learn about Healthy Living for their dog, is very rewarding for me.

Healthy Dogs

One of my goals in working with you, is to help you gain more knowledge on how to have a healthy dog and give them the matching lifestyle, so you can increase their chance to be with you for many more tail-wagging days, so they can give you those wet kisses you love, and if you are so ever lucky the most precious gift you will gain, within the years you will see their adorable faces get white cute fur as they mature.

I’m happy to report, 7.5-year-old Danger is spoiled rotten and is living the good healthy life with his cute sister, a 8-year-old Pugalier named Baby Girl, who we rescued 4 years ago.

I truly enjoy waking up every day and helping Dog loving people all around the globe create a lifestyle which will help their furry buddy have more happy days. Our sessions are full of laughter, Dog talk about Health and Wellness, we might have some occasional barks here and there, doing our best as we work together to give your dog the life you want for them.

I believe you and your furry companion can achieve the unbelievable great lifestyle you both crave and deserve and it doesn’t have to be so challenging. I can help you do it! I know you are ready for this amazing new chapter in raising your precious doggy.

Happy Healthy Dog

The Official Bio:

Carolina Velasquez-Gomez, a Health & Wellness Dog Care Mentor for Dog-Loving People, aka the Secret Dog Care Information Weapon for those who have special pups in their lives, is a Pro when it comes to mastering and learning about Dog Health and Wellness Care. For the past 7.5 years she has read and studied numerous books and articles, visited over a thousand informational sites, and attended Dog Seminars, applying everything she learns on a daily basis to her 2 pug-mix rescues, Danger and Baby Girl.

Prior to pursuing her passion full-time, to mentor Dog Lover’s, she was a Research Analyst for a major US Media Research Company for 10.5 years, training, presenting and teaching others her specialization in the organization. She now loves to teach and educate super cool Dog Loving People how “PAW-ERFUL” it can be for them to be well informed on topics that are related to their furry friends health and wellness, which helps them make appropriate lifestyle decisions for their dogs, such as nutrition, exercise, proper grooming, preventative care, and many more topics.

Carolina says, “I’m a lifetime student in the Dog Care Universe”, she not only teaches about Health and Wellness for Dogs, she practices it, loves it, and lives it every day with her 4-legged furry loves.

Carolina established The Best Dog Life with eagerness of teaching her extensive dog care wisdom she had gained over the years to other amazing Dog Loving people, helping them get more knowledgeable, more informed about dog care topics that can make a difference in a dog’s life. Carolina has always loved helping others, and especially dogs after rescuing Danger, a 10-week-old Puggle, in 2007. It was her 1st dog ever, but she was determine and strong-willed, that she would do everything in her power to give this little guy the best life possible, she knew Danger trusted and relied on her to give him the best, she realized that the only way she could do this for him, was to know the in’s and outs of Health and Wellness for Dogs. She knew a healthy dog = happy Dog Lover.

Carolina lives in Spring, Texas with her husband and 2 spoiled furry loves, 7.5-year-old Danger, and 8-year-old Baby Girl, a Pugalier, she rescued 4 years ago. She loves to volunteer at the local animal shelters in the Houston area. She plans to continue her education on Dog Care, attending seminars, studying more books and articles, and staying up to date with the current Health and Wellness Dog online information, so she can offer additional support to her clients. For more information about the Carolina and The Best Dog Life, please visit

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