is happy to present:

If you are a Dog Pet Parent you know the #struggleisreal when you have to travel and we have to leave those sweet furry faces behind to be taken care of. We all know that at times this causes a wave of worries and anxiety for you and your pup. 

But hold on to your seats, we have an awesome solution that will bring more joy and ease to you and your pups life when you are away!


This is a fun online course will show you how to build your own Ultimate Dog Care Organizer, a detailed "manual" on everything someone needs to know to help your pup "survive" until you return.


Trust me you too can drink your coffee with a smile after talking with your sitter, you and your furry love will feel so happy to know you have this organizer in place.

Is this your dog counting the seconds till you come back?

This is Molly, and this is what she told us, "Carolina, I was so bummed when my pet mom left for the week to California, she forgot to mention to the sitter about my favorite blanket I love to fall asleep with, the week seemed an eternity!"

Who is this for?

This dog care organizer is for "paw-esome" Dog Loving Humans, like you, who love their dog as a family member, but the thought of planning for someone to care for our furry loves is scary and stressful.

Just the thought of everything that you need to tell the sitter is giving you anxiety and makes you rethink about leaving your dog to someone else.

Of course no one will ever be able to do everything we do for them, but this organizer should be the "mini-version" of you on paper when it comes to caring for your furry munchkin.

Once you start to complete the worksheets, you will soon start to feel a little more peace of mind that you are leaving your dog in great hands due to the precise information that you are sharing in your Dog's Survival Organizer, you're already a step ahead of everyone else.

Do you:

Any of this sound like you? Many Dog Lovers I have worked with have mentioned to me several times they dread traveling for the holidays because they feel uneasy for their dog's well-being when they are not there. They can't truly enjoy the holidays or vacations without remembering another item they forgot to mention to the sitter. 

Here's why you're going to love this!

Can you tell that someone's Organizer mentioned that he loved his beach walk and sun bathing time? Look at that smile!

These are just some of the great results from clients who once felt the scary same way about leaving their precious dogs with someone when they left for travel. The common phrase I kept hearing from everyone after they created their Dog's Survival Organizer, "a sense of relief for me and my precious dog!"

Don't you want this too for you and your dog?

My Dog's Ultimate Survival Organizer

The Ultimate Dog Survival Organizer is going to be such a "Woof-tastic" investment for you and your precious furry best friend. Everyone is going to praise how pro-active and prepared you were to leave your furry sweetheart in someone else's care. 

Having this great backup plan to care for your dog will truly make a difference on how someone will care for your pup, and how you feel when leaving your furry love when you travel.

  • Why this Dog Care Organizer Course?

    The Ultimate Dog Survival Organizer breaks down the process on how to create your own Dog Care Organizer with video training to build a extraordinary system of all your dog’s care essential data, unlike all others. With over 9 years of experience on having a furry love in my life and having to travel for work, I have built this detailed organizer keeping in mind those awesome Dog Lovers who want to ensure their pups have the best time possible when their favorite human is gone for a couple of days.

  • What's a dog care organizer?

    A Dog Care Organizer is where you store all the top necessary information someone would need to care for your precious dog in case you’re are out of town on vacation, work, or an emergency that would require you to leave without time to write out all those post-it notes for your dog’s care. This amazing organizer has everything they need to know to help you care for your furry family member.

  • Why do you need one?

    Can you imagine if something comes up at the last minute and you have to leave your dog behind for a couple of days? How the heck will someone know where to get their favorite food? What they can and can’t do in the house? What time do they eat, what time are they taken out for potty breaks?

    Let’s not get started if they have to be taken to the Vet or to the Animal Hospital, where are their recent vaccination records, their Vet’s information.

    Hold on, where in the world is the closest Animal Hospital in the first place???

    You see, once you have an amazing dog in your life, they count on you to be looking out for them, they have complete trust in you with their well-being.

    Ask yourself these questions, if your dog could buy this digital product, would they use their adorable paws to click on the buy button? Would they grab your wallet when you are reading this page, hoping you would buy this totally affordable solution to leaving your precious dog with a sitter, leaving you and your dogs worries behind?

    Because I know mine would….

    You can’t just depend on leaving Post-it notes around hoping someone knows what to do, this is your loving dog were talking about, and their happiness is truly priceless.

  • Who is this for?

    This is for you if you have old written notes you still use from last year when you left your dog with a friend.

    If you want to organize all of your dog’s information in one place.

    If it’s your first time leaving your furry doggy behind and you don’t have a Super amazing Organizer already set up with their valuable information. And you’re already worrying how they will survive without you.

    If you are a caring Dog Lover, who knows that getting this magnificat workbook is going to help reduce the stress you and your pup will experience when someone new tries to guess what you do for them.

    Why take the chance to let your sitter guess what to do when you can have all these preparations in place with this gorgeous organizer that only takes minutes to update once you create it once.

Here's what is included as part of this 


Virtual Fun Dog Organizer Course!

  • How-to videos on building your Organizer

    We have included training videos on how to build your Ultimate Dog Survival Organizer when using our 20+ page workbook.

  • My Dog's Ultimate Survival Organizer Workbook

    A Printable/Editable 25-page Workbook, full with PDF’s and Checklist to contribute to building and preparing the organizer for the next time someone has to take care of your furry love. We created this workbook so you can fill it out and save it on to your computer and can print it out once it’s complete.

  • Email Support

    We offer Email Support for 30 days from your purchase with all our Digital Products, so if any questions about the workbook, I will just be an email away to help you out. We love providing excellent customer service with all of our products.

  • Lifetime Access to Additional Updates

    Once you buy this amazing digital download to create your’s Dog’s Ultimate Survival Organizer you will have lifetime access to any updates I add, such as additional PDF’s or Checklists, you will get them all free. 

Go ahead take a peek of what's inside the Workbook!

A couple of the fun and helpful PDF's and Checklist from the Workbook!

Additional Bonus Worksheets!

  • A Dog-Friendly To-Do List

    We all know there are lots of things to do before your travel plans, but don’t forget to do the items on your Dog’s To-Do List too, we made a special Dog Friendly List with a couple of items you might need to do.

  • Lost Flyer Template PDF

    As much as we hope we never have to use this flyer, it’s always best to be pro-active and have an updated flyer ready to use, so anyone can help you print them out, so you can get the flyers posted as soon as possible, we all know, time is of the essence when it comes to our furry loves being lost in the streets.

So as you can see, this amazing detailed dog care organizer training is more than just being organized with the PDFs, checklists, and video's, this Ultimate Dog Care Organizer is the opportunity for you to have less worry about your precious furry love while your gone from them for a couple of days. 

It will help your dog have a little less anxiety, and give them a little more joy that someone will know exactly what their routine is, which will bring a tad sense of normality for their sweet furry lives until you return, and giving this feeling to your dog is priceless.

What are you waiting for?

Let's get your Dog's Care Information Organized and help your dog survive during your time away!

Which one is going to be your dog?

Poor Upset Max?

His Pet mom forgot to tell the sitter he goes out to play at 3pm everyday to burn off some energy. He is still waiting for someone to let him out...

Super Happy Lilly?

Thanks to her Ultimate Survival Organizer her Pet Mom left behind, her friend came by to let Lilly out and knew her favorite game was fetch with her ball, helping Lilly not skip a beat of her regular routine.




(Price will increase Jan. 1, 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon would I have access to the training materials?
A: This product is all digital, which means you will have immediate access soon after your purchase. You will receive a Welcome Email with all the instructions you will need to access the links to get your training videos and where to can go to download your awesome Dog Care Organizer Workbook. 
Q: If I want to gift this Dog Care Organizer to another Dog Loving Human, what are the steps?
A: You’re such an amazing dog loving friend! Just send us a quick note to let us know about gifting this organizer by using our Send us a Woof Contact Form from our site or you can email us and someone from our “woof-tastic” team will gladly set you up with this.
Q: What is your Refund Policy?
A: Once you have purchase, we can’t refund on digital files due to the immediate access to our product. But what we can do, is try our absolute best to resolve any concerns you might have about our products. We love our Dog Loving Clients, and always strive for happy smiles.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

Remember, this is a lifetime investment for you and your precious pup, at the end of the day you have the last say...


Founder and Creative Director at The Best Dog Life

My mission at The Best Dog Life as a Healthy Dog Lifestyle Mentor for Dog Lovers, is to help as many dogs in the world live happy and healthy lives they love to live in by helping their Pet Parents create an amazing lifestyle for them. If creating a stress-free Pet Sitting experience is going to put extra tail wags in your dog's life, we have accomplished what we strive for every day.

As a proud Pet Mom of 2 doggies for the past 9 years, I can definitely relate about the tranquility we seek to travel with fewer worries, to be able to enjoy the vacations and best of all knowing your dog will be a little happier as their routine continues as always.

Unlike other Pet Organizer PDF's you can buy somewhere else, you and your dog can trust that I designed this Virtual Dog Care Survival Organizer knowing what it truly feels to be a very loving concerned Pet Parent/Guardian to an adorable furry love that depends on us to do everything in our power to give them the best dog life possible. They give us so much; words would never describe how amazing it is to have them in our lives.

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