No more guessing how to kickstart your dog's healthy lifestyle!

This Healthy Dog-Friendly Grocery List is going to guide you with the safe fruits and veggies you can share with them.


Are you ready to give your precious dog the happy long healthy life you really want to give them, leaving your worries and doubts behind?

Believe me, when I tell you, I totally get it; you want to feel super confident about the health and wellness decisions you are making for your furry love. You want to escape the world of unsure; so you can feel good that you are purchasing the best for them. Nothing would make you as happy than to know that you did everything possible for your precious dog to have a happy, healthy extended life by your side. You are the most “paw-erful” key to making this happen, and now that you found me, as a super team we will be able to accomplish this.

Hi, I’m Carolina Velasquez-Gomez, a Natural Dog Health & Wellness Mentor for “Paw-esome” Dog Loving People who want to kickstart a happy healthy lifestyle for their precious dog, but need a super clear easy way of learning the fundamentals and basics on how to create and maintain this tail-wagging kind of life for your furry family member.


You see, we believe in loving our amazing dogs like family. We believe in providing them a nourishing natural lifestyle, giving them the one chance they have to live an extra day, week, month or year by our side than expected. 

 You are here because….

It’s time for you to feel empowered and in total control when creating the best dog life for your fur bundle of joy. With a little dedication and knowledge, this can be achieved. I will be with you every step of the way as your Dog Health & Wellness Mentor.

I know you want to feel content about the care you are providing for you furry kiss-giving, tail-wagging, unconditional-loving best doggy friend, you want the peace of mind we all seek about our dog's life.

Is the Dog food and treats you are giving them is healthy? Do you know what key ingredients we want to avoid?

Did you know at every life-stage Dogs need different mental challenges with their toys so it could help their Mental Care as they age?

Do you know what action items you can be doing today to help with their Preventive Care?

Is it your first-time having a dog in your life, don't you want to skip the whole stressful learning curve and start on the right path with your pup?

I know all about the house training, obedience training, socialization, nutrition, vet care…

Raising a pet is a lot more than most people are prepared for.

Happy Dogs

As a team, we will do our utmost best to give your sweet dog the healthy tail-wagging long life you have always envisioned for them.

I absolutely love these beautiful creatures, as proud Pet Mama of 2 dogs, I think the world of them. It is very rewarding to me to work with Dog Loving People who want to see their dogs have happy, healthy and well-balanced long lives.

The amazing transformation of these amazing people is remarkable, from being doubtful to becoming self-confident of their choices. You soon begin to notice how beneficial it is to have basic dog care knowledge on different Health and Wellness topics. This will play a big role when it comes to your dog’s life.

The best part, I will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to getting all the necessary information you need on certain Dog Care Topics, I will be the Dog Care Information Warrior for both of us!

Are you ready to work together as a “Woof-tastic” team, I do my part and you do yours to give your #1 Snuggle furry fan the life you want to give them?



“Thanks to Carolina, today I am almost flea ­free! My pet mom, Elizabeth, asked Carolina for help identifying natural flea treatments because she didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on or in my body. Carolina told her about several gentle but effective options that she could try, as well as how to treat my house and (my favorite) outdoor play space.  As a result, I am no longer as “itchy­-scratchy,” and I also smell grrrreat!”

Pup, Iggy and his Pet Owner, Elizabeth MacLean


“Carolina! You are top dog in my book! My pet mom is using the recipes and good ideas you gave her and I am so happy! I have more energy and I’ve discovered the difference between white and dark meat chicken. I only like the whi…gotta run! I think I just heard I’m having pumpkin for dinner! Thanks for everything – if you were closer, I’d give you a paw bump!”

Pup, Lamont C. Jefferson and his Pet Owner, Gina Gomez

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No more guessing how to kickstart your dog's healthy lifestyle!

This Healthy Dog-Friendly Grocery List is going to guide you with the safe fruits and veggies you can share with them.